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2009-05-18 12:57:38 by Crim

So I haven't made a news post in months, and I was like "I HAVEN'T MADE A NEWS POST IN MONTHS" so here I ma making a news post, without any news to post.

So ima drop my dA in here and hope that someone likes my graphics, which you should because I pwn, only joking, but I really do, have I got you curious? nvm.

Gogo, if you need graphics ermm designing(?), then hit me up.

PS if you like UKG, Dubstep or Drum n Base join the new crew here and support.

Official UKG/Dubstep/DnB Crew

deviantArt & New Crew


2009-01-21 17:32:22 by Crim

So I went all chuck norris with my whistle and now it's broke... :(

Yay I got my whistle back. Thiz makes me happy.


New Beats

2009-01-18 12:18:16 by Crim

It's been a while since I last submitted beats to the Audio Portal. And since I have recently got back into producing Dubstep I've decided to start submitting new beats.

So watch out for my beats around the portal and make sure you give them a 5 :)

Anyway I wanted to update this section so thats my 2 cents.


Latest beat - /204684


2008-01-15 16:50:43 by Crim

I have recently uploaded 2 new beats to the Audio Portal.

The first being my Hip-Hop Terrorist beat. It's a couple years old and is really poor although at the time it sounded good and it was my first every beats =O

The second one is my latest beat, Body Breaker [DubStep]. I love making DubStep beats and you will be seeing much more of them in the portal so keep an eye out.

If you haven't checked them out yet do so now.